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How to Access Asus Router Settings ?

There is no doubt, that Asus router is the best brand around the world. If you have an Asus router then you might know how to access Asus router settings. Asus device enhances the wifi network coverage, provides a stable internet connection with great data transmission speed. So, if you are new to the Asus router and want to know how to set up the Asus device then check out this article. Once you set up the Asus router, you can make changes to its settings. Before we proceed, have a look at the pre-requisite for the Asus router setup.

Initial Setup

•    Place your Asus router in a centralized area to provide maximum wireless coverage to your connected devices.

•    Place your router at a place where is no direct sunlight or metal obstructions.

•    To avoid signal interference or loss, place your router away from electronic devices.

•    Update the Asus wireless router firmware to the latest one. Visit to download the latest firmware version for your Asus model.

•    Once you complete the Asus router installation, connect to the network. 

Connect to the Network

•    Unplug the AC adapter from the power source and your cable/ADSL modem.

•    Now, disconnect the network cables from the cable/ADSL modem.

•    Now, reboot the modem and the Asus router. 

Disable Computer Settings

•    Disable the enabled proxy server if you have any.

•    Next, setup the TCP/IP settings to default, so that the computer can obtain an IP address automatically.

•    Also, disable the enabled Dial-up connection immediately.

Log into the Asus web GUI

•    Connect the Ethernet cable from the computer to the LAN port of the Asus device.

•    On the computer system, visit the and press Enter.

•    Now, log in with the username and password to your Asus router Web GUI. On the web interface, you will see the QIS page by default. 

•    Follow the online instructions to access the Asus router settings. If you face any error, contact our technical experts.

If you still have the same issue, try resetting the router to the factory defaults. For any queries, you can ask our team. Our technicians are available round the clock on the toll-free number. You can also do a live chat via a live chat support window. Get connected with our team and receive the best advice.